A little bit about me  

  I'm a Finnish photographer. I've been doing photography +10 years. I'd love to say I'm self taught, but that wouldn't be fully the truth. I can't say I'm that talented that I wouldn't have needed any help. I have a diploma in wedding photography, and I have been trying to learn from other talented photographers, and I still try to learn everyday something new, something that helps me to provide you as good services I can. During these years, my subjects have been varying from nature and landscapes, to still life and portraiture. For me photography is art. I love the process from start to finish, from finding the location, working with my subject for the best images, and then editing the chosen images for the best feel. 

  So you may ask what can I provide for you? Do you have a wedding upcoming and need a photographer who's willing to capture one of the most precious days in your life, with good taste? Are you in a need for a portrait session? Or maybe some other important event?  Want a family shoot? Maybe there's a new family member and you want to have pictures of your newborn baby? How about your pet? I love animals, so it would be an honor to make images of your dear animal friend! Are you on your way to sell a house or apartment? I'm happy to help with the pictures. Or maybe you have some other need which involves photography. Don't hesitate to ask, I'd love to help you. I try to provide a service that's smooth, enjoyable and memorable in a positive way.

  Where do I provide my services you may ask? I'm available worldwide, but I have a small partiality for Finland, Bulgaria and Croatia. I provide my services in Finnish, English, Swedish and Bulgarian languages, and Croatian language is coming soon. 

  So, are you interested? Just hit me with a message and we are on our way to create something beautiful together.



                                                                   Georg Fagerlund

Thanks! Message sent.

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