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A Portrait shoot in Perugia! Where to do it?

Are you planning for a wedding or elopement shoot, family or a portrait photography session? Is there any better place for a portrait or wedding photography session than in the heart of Italy, Perugia? All those places in the old town, Centro Storico, tiny alleys, small cafes, parks, piazzas, just to mention a few, they all make a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot. Who would know better where best to execute an intimate photo shoot than a local photographer? I'm definitely gonna write in the future of best places to do a portrait session inside Perugia, but in this post I will instead take a look on couple of good places just outside the center of the city. The good thing about taking a step out from the center is that you will have less people eyeballing at you when you do the shoot. Especially if you are shy, don't want to be in the limelight ( a photo shoot in it self can be enough intimidating ), and want to maintain the romance an intimacy, then moving a bit to the side from were everybody else goes to, will be a good option. So, where to go? My suggestion is the river Tiber which meanders just some 10 minutes drive away from the center of Perugia. Here's my top tips for good photo surroundings.

1) Pineta di Ponte Felcino

Beautiful small park just by the river. Large pines throw their shadows over you and on a sunny day the dance of light and shadows make the backdrop almost surreal. Would you like to have a beautiful photo session here? Just sign up for a shoot in here!

2) Torre di Pretola

How about a photo shoot at an ancient tower? If your answer is yes, then the tower in Pretola is a must. This old rugged tower watches over the Tiber and it and its surroundings for sure make a romantic scenery for a shoot. Ready for a shoot at this spot? Click here!

3) Ponte Valleceppi

My opinion is that the Italian, Roman or Etruscan people know their architecture! Even their bridges seem to be a piece of art. If you want to drive over to Valleceppi then you have to use the bridge in there. While driving over it you might not notice that this piece of architecture might just be the thing you want for your photo backdrop. Do you? Then send me a message in here!

4) Walking path in Ponte San Giovanni

How about a fairytale path? A perfect spot for a fantasy shoot or a romantic couples session. Just a stone throw away from Ponte San Giovanni you find a magical trail used by many bicyclists, walkers and nature lovers as well. A perfect place for photoshoot! If you want your portraits or couples photo shoot to be done here, then just hit here!

To be honest, there's so many places where you can do a shoot! These are just four beautiful vistas which I think fits so perfect as a backdrop for your portraits, wedding shots, family photos. Wonderful places with lots of variation. If you got interested, then don't hesitate to ask for more. You find the contact information and a contact sheet on the about-page here on my site. You may have question about availability, prices, places, or something else, I'm here to help you so feel free to ask!

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