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What to consider when choosing your photographer? | Portrait photographer in Perugia, Italy

Portrait photographer, wedding photographer, family photographer, headshot photographer, elopement photographer, couples photographer... the list goes on... and on. There are so many occasions when we need someone with a camera, and not just the camera, but the skill to use it

as well. Whatever the reason why we need someone to perpetuate those for us so important moments, the question is like in the song, - "Who you gonna call?". No need to call ghost busters, but instead you need a qualified photographer with some good features. Let me list a few what you would most likely want to see in the person you will choose as your "tog".


This is important! Now the photographer might be the best in his profession technically, but if his a jerk the whole experience of a shoot might be ruined. A photo shoot can be intimidating, something that makes us anxious. We fear how the pictures are gonna turn out, do we look good. Many of us feel that we are not very photogenic with our imperfections, but a good photographer makes all he can to ease all kinds of negative feelings we have. Actually the whole photo shoot will be fun with a person who shows that he cares about you and that for sure will be visible in the pictures as well! Promise!

Knows what the client wants

No, a photographer is not a mind reader of course, but a skilled photographer listens to the client and he does all he can so that the outcome of the pictures are just what you wanted. Now sometimes you may have an idea for the shoot, but when, not a skilled photographer comes here in to the picture. He can give advice on places where to shoot, what to dress, poses that brings the best out of you, and he does all this thinking about you, and thus you can feel secure about the outcome of the photo session. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Good work ethic

No one likes people who are late, and a good photographer knows this and does all he can to be on time on the shoot. If he notices that he will be late from the agreed appointment he informs you immediately so that you can decide if it would be better to postpone or even cancel the shoot. There's of course more involved in good work ethics than just being able to watch the clock!

Professionally behaving person will never talk to you in an improper way that makes you feel uncomfortable. And if he understands this when it comes to verbal communication, how much more will he then respect your physical integrity? He only touches you if he gets permission, and when he does touch you, he does it with respect and never in a way that makes you feel bad.

In conclusion...

Here was a few points I think are vital when choosing your photographer. Being a good photographer involves so much more than just having the gear and knowing how to use it. It's not all about having that photographic eye and knowing all the best poses. Photographing people involves being good with people, respecting them, being polite and nice and finishing the job so that you, as the client feel that the provided service is something you remember as a nice experience you even could consider to redo.

This list I wrote here was quite short of course, there's so much more we could mention when it comes to being a good photographer. Please write in the comments section what you think is important for a photographer, what you expect from him, or if you are a photographer what has helped you to be a pro who cares about his clients?

If you are looking for a photographer in Italy, I'm here in Perugia at your service. My forte is portraiture! I do wedding photography, family shoots and of course also stylish fashion shoots.

If you want to know more, just press the icon in the end of this post and it will take you to the contact sheet!

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