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  I'm Georg, a finnish born photographer based at the moment in the amazing Turku, Finland. Even if I love to shoot a variety of subjects, landscapes, architecture, pets, nature etc., there is one subject that tops them all, and that's people!  Photographing people is like writing someone's history, but in a visual form. All those images made of us and our loved ones makes a collection of memories. Pictures help us to remember and they stir up emotions. How awesome it is to live a long gone moment again or just to see a smile recorded years ago. That's what photography does. And of course there's also a more practical reason to have pictures made, a good portrait tells so much about us for an eventual employer or some one else we have to send our CV or application to.
How would I describe my style? I love drama, elegance and style, but there always has to be also a bit of smile mixed in to the soup! So whatever the setting might be for photo session, whether it be a couples shoot, headshot or portrait session, family or wedding shoot, it has to be fun both for you as the subject and me as the photographer. Sometimes dark tones might be a solution for a more serious theme, and other times a light and airy feel is what's necessary. 

  I'm open for more formal shoots (headshots, corporate portraits weddings, family portraits), but also for themed shoots (cos play, fantasy, fashion). Even if I'm currently based here in the west coast of Finland, I'm available for shoots all around in Finland.

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Invoicing details:
Garsbölentie 220

21630 Lielahti TL

Y-tunnus: 2756371-9

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