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A couple of images from 2021 | Portrait photographer in Perugia, Italy

2022 is lurking behind the corner so let's have a look back to the past year and some of my favorite photos and shoots. This year did have its challenges, pandemic going on, we planned for a move to Italy and even finally managed to haul our selves in here, but there's still some things to sort out and thus we are going a bit back and forth between Italy and Finland for now, but hopefully somewhere in the beginning of next year everything is done and tutto finito. How about the shoots? Had some really cool opportunities this year, met some nice people and shot some cool photos, so here we go...

One milestone in life shoot

Finishing a school is always a nice thing and of course it's a reason to celebrate as well and then invite family and friends around. Had the privilege to photograph a small celebration party our friends organized when their daughter finished the upper comprehensive school. Love all the pictures we made, but one of my absolute favorites from this shoot and for this past year in whole, is the portrait with ladies of three generation. It's warm, good atmosphere and fun.

A male portrait in Kallio, Helsinki

It's always fun to try something different, so I was happy when I could join Aleksi for a small project in Helsinki. It involved a chair and a busy street. We hauled around the city a secondhand chair, made a few good photos and had a nice chat with this handsome UN peacekeeper and heard some stories from Lebanon. Great fun and nobody was killed during this shoot.

Ladies, ladies, ladies...

It's so hard to say which of my shoots has been the best and I guess there is no use of comparing them either. Almost every session has been good, with nice people, interesting things learned, getting to know talented women (and men). In some shoots we've used ambient lighting only and in some it's been a mixture of ambient and artificial. Some sessions where in parks or forests, some in more urban surroundings like around malls and parking lots, some in abandoned buildings... all different! But one thing is for sure, it really was nice to collaborate with all the models, and yes, I think we made a bunch of good images. Can't show here all the images from this year and from every shoot, but here's some photos which I personally like!

So all in all, not a bad year even if there was it's challenges! But it's better not to hang too tightly in things that are in past. So what do we do? We head boldly towards new adventures! Want to join me for a shoot? Well, then just hit the logo in the end of this post, it'll take you to the contact sheet and there we go! See you on a shoot!

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